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MilkFish Poker website upgraded!

Posted by matthew dougal on

We've just moved our whole site over to a more modern system. This should lead to a much improved overall user experience with many upgrades including the following:


  • New integrated design with the shop now being integrated into the whole site instead of having a separate 'shop' section
  • New shop back end with discounts and promotions much easier to implement so keep an eye out for new promotions!
  • New user account that will allow us to implement a loyalty program giving you money back on future purchases as well as the ability to earn loyalty points for referring friends (this will be coming soon!)
  • Stock now links to our other sales channels including ebay so stock levels will be much more accurate.
  • We will now be able to upload new products to the site much more efficiently so you'll have access to our full range of awesome products at the best prices possible with all the extra discounts and promotions that will soon be available through the MilkFish Poker website!

If you have any questions at all feel free to ask and we'll be more than happy to help.

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