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300 WSOP Ceramic Poker Chips


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300 WSOP Casino Quality Ceramic Poker Chips with Aligned Edges
These ceramic poker chips weigh approximately 10 grams each and are made to the highest standard. Ceramic poker chips are the highest quality poker chips you can buy. The design is printed directly onto the chip (not a cheap sticker) and the chips are made without the use of a metal insert to alter the weight like lower quality chips. (Lower quality chips usually weigh between 11.5g and 15g because of this metal insert.)
These are a ceramic replica of the WSOP clay chips for all of you chip lovers out there who love the WSOP design but prefer ceramics to clays.
Chip counts are as follows:
Colour (denomination): Number of chips in set
Green (25): 75
Black (100): 75
Light Blue (500): 50
Yellow (1000): 50
Orange (5000): 25
Dark Green (25,000): 25

So 300 chips in total. Different sized sets are also available on request.
All chips are still factory sealed (in plastic wrapper) in rolls of 25.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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