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New COPAG EPT Official 100% Plastic Playing Cards


  • £8.99

Brand New Casino Quality EPT Copag Playing Cards
These 100% plastic decks are genuine official European Poker Tour (EPT) Copag playing cards.
From the very first flop to the very last river on the EPT, every card comes from one company. Over the past ten years, Copag has doubled in size and become many professionals’ favorite cards. The 100% plastic playing cards are covered in a special varnish that makes them easy to hold, durable, and tough inside automatic shufflers. Copag’s reputation made it a clear choice as PokerStars main supplier for tournaments around the world.
COPAG cards are washable!! You can clean COPAG Cards when they get dirty or sticky. Accidents do happen and COPAG cards are made to sustain those actions and keep performing at the highest level.
  • 100% Plastic PVC Construction
  • 2 Corner Jumbo Index
  • Poker Size
  • Wash Friendly
  • Flexible Spring Back Construction
If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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